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Global Alliant is an information technology (IT) consulting and software development company based in the U.S. We specialize in turning business problems into innovative and cost-effective solutions. Global Alliant achieves this simply by assigning “the right people for the right solutions at the right price.”

Why Global Alliant?

“Global Alliant is fully committed to meeting its clients’ needs within budget and on time. In addition, Global Alliant has developed broad capacities and resources to provide total solutions under one roof.” We have resources across the United States and can help with any technology needs your organization needs. Our combination of technical experience and skill allow us to excel beyond your expectations.


Global Alliant solutions can be tailor-made to meet our clients’ specific needs. We are committed to helping our clients understand the benefits to be gained through our services. Regardless of whether the applications are on the web, a client server, or mainframe, Global Alliant provides real value while integrating the client’s systems with their business partners’ systems.


Our goal is to surpass every client’s expectations by providing highest quality state-of-the-art solutions. Global Alliant offers a wide range of comprehensive IT solutions and consulting services for diverse public and private sector needs. These include but are not limited to healthcare, transportation, education, insurance and finance.


Our IT consulting services provide a number of options including on-site and off-site turnkey project management solutions by fixed price and time and materials based professional consulting services. Global Alliant provides its clients with highly skilled IT experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge in crafting, designing, and delivering solutions. Our consultants include project managers, programmers, analysts, architects, systems integrators, and database administrators. We engage our clients in meeting both their short-term and long-term goals, objectives and requirements.

Agile Practices

Global Alliant focuses on empowering the customer to deliver products using the Agile Development Methodology. Our team of Agile coaches/leaders, product owners and scrum masters help increase efficiency of product delivery by breaking major tasks into smaller milestones and incremental releases.

Human-Centered Design

Global Alliant team works very closely with the customer to identify problems to develop and design solutions to address the core needs. Our process is broken down to five important phases: Empathize , Define, Ideas, Design, Test and Iterate. We follow ISO standards compliance during our delivery.


Our process focuses on automating deployments using a CI/CD pipeline but also paying careful attention to security requirements. Our knowledge with test automation frameworks which allows for automating end to end testing along with 508 compliance testing forms the core of our DevSecOps practice.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Global Alliant’s VIBE is an artificial intelligence learning platform for managing IT operations and automating the most complex business and IT processes. VIBE offers centralized automation, advanced machine learning, BPML 2.0 compatibility and an event-driven model. VIBEs flexibility allows it to be deployed on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

Robotic Process Automation

Global Alliant’s RPA services provide customizable and highly scalable automation throughout your organization. Our RPA services are capable of optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries. Implementation of RPA eliminates human error, allows 24/7 operations, and increases savings on compliance by up to 40%.

Cloud Computing

Global Alliant’s cloud computing services assist with migration of legacy applications, leveraging tools such as Azure and AWS to provide customized cloud services to clients. We provide on-demand delivery to compute power, databases, storage, and other IT resources via the internet. We provide cloud modernization services enabling clients to leverage cloud services by either migrating or modernizing legacy systems.

Big Data Analytics

With data becoming essential to getting ahead in the market, Global Alliant provides big data analytical services to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other insight to help drive informed business decisions. We specialize in predictive analytics, data mining, and natural language processing. Our analytics team can provide better strategic decisions, improved control of operational processes, customer knowledge, and improved cost efficiency.

Cyber Security

With extensive cyber security experience, we have the strategies and knowledge to address any security needs. We are equipped with next generation solutions covering everything from system protection and incident response to comprehensive risk and vulnerability services. We have experienced staff with CISSP, CISA, CSSLP, CERT, and CompTIA certifications ensuring all your security needs will be met.


Global Alliant’s Blockchain services creates your organization’s blockchain implementation, while maintaining blockchain nodes. We manage all back-end services to make sure your blockchain artifacts are running with no downtime. We also provide hosting requirements and security protocols, allowing you to focus on building and running your business while we manage blockchain infrastructure and performance.

Application Development and Modernization

Global Alliant provides app development services, creating computer programs based on your business requirements. We also provide modernization, allowing us to refactor, re-purpose, or consolidate legacy software and data to new programming that align more closely to the current business needs. Our combination of experience and tools allow us to develop and modernize applications exceeding your expectations.

CRM, ERP, SCM Solutions

We provide services to improve and streamline customer relations, internal business processes, and supply chain management. We work with a variety of tools including Salesforce and other CRM platforms to help you manage your organization or customers. We use data analysis about your customers to improve business relations, resulting in high customer retention and sales growth.

Health IT

Global Alliant has highly experienced leaders from the Healthcare Industry successfully innovating on some of the most complex clinical based, revenue side, infrastructure, and payer side projects We have a range of services from Implementation strategies, data extraction, and conversion. We provide HIPAA- compliant healthcare technology services including patient management, application support, communication services, and much more.

Project Management Office

Global Alliant provides PMO services that assists you throughout the PMO lifecycle. We assess current business culture, define program management office, and gain executive commitment to build and maintain PMO, after which we initiate the PMO process, plan PMO implementation, build and implement the PMO, and hand over to the client and close the project.


Global Alliant provides IV&V services facilitating clients with early detection and correction of cost and schedule variances. Our IV&V services enhances management insight into process and product risk, supports project life cycle processes to ensure compliance with regulatory, performance, and schedule while validating the projects product/ application and processes to ensure compliance with defined requirements.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Global Alliant’s EDW/BI practices are driven by industry leaders, strong certified resource pool, and innovative solutions. We provide end-to-end EDW and BI services related to strategy, implementation, development and support, as well as data service. Our portfolio of solutions include Enterprise Data Governance framework, Data Testing tool, retail analytics, distribution analytics, and channel management.





At Global Alliant, you will work with the worlds most talented software engineers and thought leaders to shape the future of technology. To explore career opportunities with us, send us your resume at careers@globalalliantinc.com

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