Vijay Veerappan
Chief Technology Officer

Vijay Veerappan, is a technology leader with over 15 years of diverse technical and business experience. He has been instrumental in architecting various enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He has played key roles in application modernization using emerging technologies . He brings a depth of knowledge with Cloud Computing, Agile Application Development, DevSecOps, AI/ML and Robotic Process Automation. He has been an automation champion across various organizations and was awarded the “Automation Champion of the Year” with IBM Global Services. He has managed numerous enterprise level initiatives which have resulted in multi-million dollar savings to clients. His niche is in understanding the client problems and architecting solutions to specifically address them using leading edge technologies resulting in significant savings for both the clients and internal to the organization. His broad experience with various technology areas sets Global Alliant up for continued success. He has a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore, India and Master’s in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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