Gideon Francis
Vice President

Gideon Francis, Vice President of Growth for the Great Lakes Region. Gideon brings over 25 years of leadership experience ranging from sales, marketing, business development, and portfolio/program/project management. Results-driven and passionate Senior Program/Project Manager with 25 plus years of working experience ranging from managing and delivering a portfolio of several IT projects in Michigan. Extensive experience at the State of Michigan for more than 20 years delivering many IT projects to multiple agencies that include Treasury, Health and Human Services, Quality of Life, State Police, Department of Corrections and Counties in Michigan. Managed a team size of up to 450 members locally and globally and budgets up to $100M, with proven ability to lead, manage, administer, and deliver high-quality products and services on schedule and under budget in high-pressure environments.

Gideon coaches/mentors the younger generation in project management and heads the quality control – CMMI-related. Gideon is very active in his local community and is a firm believer in preparing future leaders. Extensive knowledge and understanding of various contact center CRM software such as Sales Forces, Dynamics, SIEBEL, etc. Proven leader with a flexible style of leadership, goal-oriented, and accountable to results as set by the organization. Leading by example and demonstrating high ethical standards and committed to mentoring and supporting future leaders for the organization. Continuous learner and a student of leadership science. He has achieved several certifications that include ITIL, CSM, CMMI Associates, and has earned MBA in Corporate Finance.

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